The Guy in the Groove

Inside Constellation Home Electronics • 215 N. Guadalupe• Santa Fe, NM • 505-699-3332

As of December 2nd, The Guy In The Groove is back open for business. Hours at this point are Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. We are available to buy records day or evening, 7 days a week. Call (505) 699-3332 most anytime.

Vinyl LPs are back!

(Not that they ever went away...)

Record albums — new, used and audiophile — now at 

The Guy in the Groove

Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Folk & Country, Soul & Funk,

World-Beat and more! 

• Always buying good, clean LPs •

• Call or e-mail for an appointment to sell •

• House-calls possible for larger collections •

Additional Services:

Digital audio transfers done from records (all speeds), cassettes and

reel-to-reel tapes - local or mail order.

Appraisals for estates, insurance or divorce cases. Your needs assessed at no charge. Fair, reliable and reasonable rates.

Consultation on any aspect of records, including internet selling, preservation, etc.


Some customer comments:

"I was working in New Mexico late last year and visited your shop as often as possible....I went a little nuts actually. I think you've got the best record shop I've been to. Great taste and fair prices."

"Great store, I could easily have spent way more."

"Fun funky record shop; a true hidden gem; great prices"

"Excellent selections with good value pricing"

"Your quality and pricing have always been peerless."

"Thank you for having the best record store in New Mexico!"

A pleasant surprise to show up in the July 29-August 4, 2015 issue of the Santa Fe Reporter


The Guy in the Groove is Dick Rosemont

who has 45 years experience buying and selling records.

Read more about him here

Thanks to Gary Storm for sharing this ironic image


Two Turn Tables and No Microphone

French engineer Leon Gaumont's 1910 Chronophone system

Gaumont built this to synchronize south with film.

The operator alternated records on the two turntables.

Wish I could say that I have one on display at Guy in the Groove,

but for now I'm content to enjoy these photographs. 

Special thanks to Mark Licht for bringing this to my attention.